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three brooding bros for your viewing pleasure \(*´ ꒳ ` *) they will be a part of a brooding bros collection zine at MoCCA next weekend!

each boy was based off of a character from another series.. can you guess them all? (๑^っ^๑)


featuring Damian Wayne (Robin), Colin Wilkes (Abuse), & Darla Roman (Wondergirl)!

Since April last year, we’ve wanted to make a fan comic as our excuse to make some of the things we wished would happen come to life. Writing, editing, and colors were done by Kat Hetrick Jackson (eshiel), and penciling and inks were done by Blake Inberg (bittesehr)!

You can download the full comic (17 pages) here:
PDF (7MB) / ZIP (40MB)


Mega Sun, a Hellbender 2014 comic by me! Hellbender is an anthology by eshielofalldimensionsnhyra, and myself, or collectively known as Dry Fish! (Excuse the mess, we are still constructing the website :3c). I’m super excited that it’s finally coming together, and we will be debuting it at NYC’s MOCCA Fest!

The themes we pulled for Hellbender are: body horror, gore, and gender queer. Each of us designed a comic/body of work based around one or more of these themes. 

Hellbender will be available for purchase in limited hardcopy edition at MOCCA Fest, and for digital download online. 

I hope you’re as hyped as I am! :D



I never thought I would say it, but I miss Florida’s summer!!!


the persona q cap where he was smiling killed me

girl gang (an interiors project for junior studio)